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Corporate Philosophy

Since the company’s foundation by Eung-mo Bang (also known as Gyecho), and Man-sik Cho, a Korean independence activist and former CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of The Chosunilbo, The ChosunMedia has been pursuing its corporate philosophy, which serves as an unwavering guide to the company’s vision and objectives.
Protecting Justice
In prioritizing “protecting justice” for the people in its wide ethnographic sense, we express our commitment to achieving political, economic, and social justice. We also consider ourselves as a press media that respect these justices.
Cultivating Culture
Cultural cultivation is closely associated with the Joseon people’s historical duty, perceived as one of their most urgent tasks during the Japanese occupation of Korea. We aim to cultivate the national culture by promoting and preserving it, as well as fostering cultural sensitivity among the people. To achieve this goal, we compared and contrasted local cultures, led literacy campaigns as part of the Enlightenment Movement, occasionally organized cultural and artistic events, as well as published unique feature stories on Korean studies.
Developing the Industry
Developing the industry is a part of our self-help goal, which originates from the increasing public awareness about the time when Koreans endured humiliation and indignity because of the underdevelopment of industrial and economic activities. To achieve this goal, we organized The Chosun Local Specialties Fair, a monumental achievement of The Korean Production Movement; dispatched industrial inspectorates to domestic and international events annually; encouraged overseas businesses to visit Korea; and selected excellent Korean products.
Pursuing Impartiality
We pursued “impartiality” to ensure The Chosunilbo remains a politically neutral newspaper, particularly during the period of polarization between the left wing and the right wing. We attempted to remain politically neutral while ensuring that no political or economic pressure would sway us. Such attitude has evolved into a corporate goal to remain fair and impartial, as well as the will to not be swayed by ruling powers in whatever circumstance.