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Warm greetings!
I am Lee Kwang-hoe, Director of Advertising Development Division, The Chosunilbo.

The Chosunilbo is Korea’s No. 1 newspaper that leads the off-line newspaper market with its long history and quaint traditions. It has been exercising its power over public opinion as a notable newspaper with the largest circulation in Korea at 1.51 million.

Target audiences of The Chosunilbo mainly consist of highly educated opinion leaders and the upper middle-class people with their high purchasing power. The Chosunilbo has been one of the major newspapers loved by Koreans, regardless of their age, occupation, and place of habitation. This is the reason why The Chosunilbo has been able to maintain its reputation as Korea’s most influential newspaper.

The Chosunilbo consists of two basic sections: “The General News,” which has a powerful influence on society; and “The Chosun Economy,” which gives an insight into domestic and international economic trends.
To fulfill a wider range of the readers’ needs for knowledge, it also features regular sections such as “The Edu Chosun,” “The Friday,” and “The Health.”

Recently, The Chosunilbo started providing the highest-quality news, something that readers have never expected, by presenting a special weekend section composed of “The Why?”, an in-depth analysis on the other side of the news and “The Weekly BIZ,” a premium economic subsection.

As The Chosunilbo widens its spectrum, it attracts a broader range of advertisers from various classes. In celebration of its upcoming 100th anniversary, The Chosunilbo intends to take a big step forward as an ”integrated media group” that combines online and broadcasting media, to challenge itself with its position as “Korea’s No. 1 newspaper.”
Your continued interest in the advertising pages and media channels of The ChosunMedia Group will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.