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The Chosunilbo

The Chosunilbo was founded to provide a faithful and precise record of the Korean modern history. The Chosunilbo has led the newspaper sector with new plans and challenging experiments, producing unique and the best contents through diverse platforms as it goes beyond the newspaper industry under the rapidly changing media environment.
To celebrate the 90th anniversary of its foundation (March 5, 2010), The Chosunilbo announced that it would take a leap forward through its general media company, The ChosunMedia, thus opening the era for its 10 million audiences.

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The TV Chosun

Based on the potential of The Chosunilbo, which is the first newspaper in Korea, the TV Chosun was launched as a comprehensive programming channel on December 1, 2011. The TV Chosun has pursued rapid, easy, and fair reporting, and healthy, useful, and interesting broadcasting programs.
With audience empathy as its top priority, The TV Chosun aims to become the representative broadcasting station in Korea and will continue to carry out new and interesting challenges.

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The Digital Chosun

The Digital Chosun was founded in October 1995 as a new media affiliate of The Chosunilbo. The Digital Chosun realized its vision as a general media group by advancing various fields such as CTS/SI, online/off-line education (Canada Cultural Language Institute / Education Center for Employment / International Education Center), TOEFL TPO (ETS TOEFL Practice Online), and the City Vision, going beyond its online news site, the “”

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The Chosun Biz

The ChosunMedia group’s professional business news brand, The Chosun Biz!
In December 2009, The Chosunilbo established The Chosun Economy-I to pioneer the advanced business and management news market. With the construction of the newsroom with financial journalists, The Chosun Economy-I launched The Chosun Biz, an online media brand, on May 10, 2010.
After its launch, The Chosun Biz has provided advanced business contents through diverse news platforms such as HTS of securities companies, large portals, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play, thus establishing itself as a representative business brand of The ChosunMedia.

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The Sports Chosun

“The Sports Chosun” is the top sports newspaper in Korea, loved by sports fans and young people. It provides daily news on sports and entertainment through its online site ( to realize its corporate values of “novelty, pleasure, and dream.”

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The Chosun News Press

The Chosun News Press is a media company founded as The Monthly Chosun and The Weekly Chosun in January 2010. Chosun News Press publishes “The Monthly Chosun,” a current affairs monthly magazine, a representative publication that breaks new grounds in Korean media with its exclusive news and in-depth reporting. Their other publications include the following: “The Weekly Chosun,” an authentic weekly magazine with the longest history and tradition in Korea; “The Top Class,” a magazine that covers the success stories of trend leaders in various fields; “The Woman Chosun,” a top circulation magazine for Korean women and is certified by the Korea Audit Bureau of the Certification; and the “Monthly Mountain,” Korea’s first hiking magazine.

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Since its foundation in July 2007 as an education and culture corporation of The Chosunilbo, the CS M&E has created diverse and in-depth articles and contents in the education and culture sectors. It produced and published Delicious Study, the education section of The Chosunilbo, The Kid Chosunilbo,” and “The Chosun Edu,” the first premium online education media in Korea. It has also performed diverse cultural activities such as exhibitions, performances, and cultural events. Under the rapidly changing world, the Fourth Industrial Revolution needs a new paradigm that goes beyond our expectations. In addition to educating the people, the CS M&E continuously exerts efforts to enrich the people’s lives (from children to adults) through cultural enhancement and make them happy.

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The Health Chosun

As an affiliate in the medical and health sector, The Health Chosun (founded in the December 2005) has produced the “Health,” the health section of The Chosunilbo; The Monthly Health Chosun, a monthly magazine; and online news contents ( In addition, The Health Chosun has published diverse books in the fields of medicine, health, culture, and humanities. Moreover, it has also grown in various health care sectors such as promotional marketing for hospitals and pharmaceuticals, trips for healing, wholesale/retail of medicines and health functional foods, and distribution.

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The Chosun Information Service

The Chosun Information Service is the largest leaflet advertisement company that distributes leaflets to The Chosunilbo. This type of advertising rapidly increases product sales as it directly affects the purchase decision of consumers. Since its foundation in 1997, The Chosun Information Service has built sales networks across the nation, expanded its business areas—including advertisement in the paper section of The Chosunilbo and the DM—and developed service items for and promotional methods targeting The Chosunilbo readers.

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Bang Il-Young Foundation

“The Il-Young Bang Foundation” was started through funding from The Chosunilbo stocks, as contributed by its former chairman and president, Il-Young Bang and Woo-Young Bang. With an aim of fostering talents who will contribute to the nation and society, this foundation selects outstanding college students and North Korean escapee college students and supports them with their tuition through scholarships. Also, it supports writing and publication projects for journalists. Furthermore, this foundation selects Korean classical musicians who have significantly contributed to the transmission and distribution of the Korean traditional music and presents them with “The Il-Young Bang Gukak Award.” They also offer “The Teacher of the Year Award” to notable teachers who devote themselves in kindergarten, and elementary, middle, and high schools across the nation. “The Il-Young Bang Foundation” supports various academic events to promote the press and culture.

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The Chosunildo Media Research Center

Founded in October 2003, “The Chosunilbo Media Research Center” is a nonprofit and public interest research center. It was established to contribute to the society based on the knowledge and information that can help the media sector and the academic circles. The Chosunilbo Media Research Center has performed diverse projects such as research, writing, forums, and seminars on media, and has also supported media education projects and domestic and overseas training for journalists.