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The ChosunMedia Logo

Group Name

The ChosunMedia media group includes The Chosunilbo and its subsidiaries and affiliates.
As a global company, it helps people access news through diverse digital devices—online, television, mobile devices, and e-book readers—and goes beyond being a traditional newspaper, regardless of national boundaries and race.


The logo of The ChosunMedia is shaped like the letter “C,” symbolizing the vision of and the tradition behind The Chosunilbo. Symbolizing 100 years of history, communication, and contents, these three words from the Chosun period are the key elements of a media group, which The ChosunMedia’s logo embodies. The company’s new logo reminds people of flying into the sky, showing its spirit of challenge for the future of mass media. The wide space and the cool passage that connect the inside and the outside of the C shape symbolize an open square that combines the different thoughts and opinions of people in the world, illustrating the mission and role of the media.

The Chosunilbo’s Ming Font

The ChosunMedia Group openly distributes the Ming font, an exclusive typeface used in The Chosunilbo.
This typeface was made by the font development research center of The Chosunilbo and Sandoll Communications in 1999. Since its creation, the font has been developed to complement each character through workmanship. With its excellent aesthetic value, it is easy to read even when the characters are small, which makes it well received by professionals and readers. This font is available for both general PC and Mac users.

Download The Chosunilbo’s Ming Font ↓