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Ad Sizes

The full-page ad size is 36.2 centimeters wide by 15 column-centimeters tall (50 cm).
As seen from the standard advertising specs on the right, the width is figured at 1C(55mm).
The minimum width is 1C(55mm) while the maximum with is 36.2 cm.
In the meantime, the height can vary from 1 column (3.1 cm) to 15 columns (50 cm).
The basic dimension for a newspaper ad is 1C(55mm) wide by 1 column-centimeter tall.
As for a leaflet ad, you are encouraged to choose where you want to display your ad.

The basic demension for a newspaper ad: 1 cm X 1 column-cm  (3.1 cm)

The Front Page of The General News (A1)

The front page of The General News (A1) is the most famous advertising page of The Chosunilbo. Here, you can display ads in different sizes such as the “4-Column ad” and the “7.5×3 column ad.”
If you choose to have your ad laid out on the front page, there is no difference in advertising costs between color and black-and-white print ads.
Also, you can publish ads in other sizes such as the “5-Column ad” and the “7.5×4 column ad” on the front page of The Chosun Economy (B1).

5-Column Ad

This “5-Column ad” is the basic dimension for a newspaper ad.

5-Column Ad

9×3 Column Ad

This “9×3 column ad” is the most popular ad size among advertisers as its horizontal layout is ideal for attracting the readers’ attention to the advertisement.
You may decide which page you want to display your ad, starting from the second page of The General News.
Advertising costs will vary depending on whether you wish to have your ad laid out on a specific page.

9x3 Column Ad

15-Column Ad

This “15-column ad” allows you to publish a full-page ad in a newspaper.
You are invited to publish your ad in some of our regular sections such as The General News, The Chosun Economy, The Delicious Study and The Friday.

15-Column Ad

Double-Spread Ad

This “15-column double-spread ad” allows you to lay out your ad across a two-page spread in a newspaper.
It helps in effectively delivering more information to readers by maximizing the newspaper page.

Double -spread Ad
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