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The ChosunMedia Group offers an Internship

for young and aspiring college students interested in pursuing a career in journalism either as newspaper reporters or as personnel specializing in media management. It will allow them to get valuable hands-on experience as they work closely alongside professional journalists.
Launched in December 2002, this special internship program has become a major training program for aspiring journalists in Korea, following the enthusiastic response from college students.
Recently, we have lessened the requirements for the internship application by opening the door to college graduates.

Recruitment Period and Number of Interns
Those recruited as newspaper reporters will participate in a two-month internship while those appointed to the media management team will work for six weeks.
We will accept the applications for a week after posting the internship announcement in May and November. The number of interns to be recruited may change every year. However, on average, we recruit about 20 interns each for newspaper and for media management.
Recruitment Process
The recruitment process consists of two parts: 1) résumé and cover letter and 2) essay and/or interview. Candidates are required to submit an online application form after writing a personal profile and a cover letter. The successful candidates selected after the first part of the hiring process will be asked to take an essay exam and/or undergo an interview. (The candidates for the newspaper must pass both the exam and the interview, while the candidates for media management will only need to pass an interview.)
Internship Duties and Responsibilities
Once the internship begins, the new recruit must participate in the one- to three-day orientation session where they will get an overview of The ChosunMedia Group, learn about the overall process of newspaper and television production, and get information about each team and division. Upon completing the orientation, you will be appointed to the appropriate team. The decision will be made based on your team of preference, your skills set, and the list of vacant positions in each team. For the rest of your internship, you will be asked to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the team you belong to. You may participate in additional events such as the company field trip.
Wage and Additional Benefits for Interns
You will be entitled to a wage while enjoying numerous benefits of the internship.
Besides, if you successfully fulfill your duties, your internship experience may work in your favor particularly when a full-time trainee position becomes available, or when you are given a special chance to apply for a specific position.